Interesting Tuesdays

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Here are a couple I put together will pastels and watercolour. Lots of fun to do, both had out there ideas in which I based them off of. ENJOY OR BE CRUSHED.


A lovely Thursday

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Heres a couple figures I put together. Pencil first, then india ink to finalize. Enjoy!

Self Portrait

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So as of late things have been nothing but stressful, what with figuring out our vehicle situation and where or destinations will be. Since living on the road isnt exactly my typical way of life, ive found it difficult and very rewarding. I have a new appreciation for not having money, and rather enjoy it.

Anyway, heres a self portrait I did. Its loose and pastelly, have fun looking at it

Drawing Finals

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Sorry For The Delay In Posting, its been a crazy summer so far, all though living in Portland it doesnt really look it with the rain and all. Anyways here are the rest of my drawing finals from my semester that just ended, some in pencil, some pen, some both. Enjoy! Hope everyone is enjoy the sunshine if you have it.

Drawing Final Number 1

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For the next few days i will be uploiading my drawing finals, they are a good example of how strong my work has become, and how much I can vary my style to meet particular requirements. The goal of this project was to create images that expressed various forms of drawing, such as line, mass, atmosphere, etc. Enjoy, and comment how you see fit, im always open to opinion.

Fruit Studies For A Bright Day

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To celebrate being almost dopne with school, I decided to post these wonderful fruit studies I did a bit ago. They are done on matboard with pastels and charcoal, and I think they would be a great way to brighten a kitchen, or even a well lit bathroom. Just plain fun they are!

Thanks for looking, summer time is a comin!

Figure Studies With Pastel and Ink

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These are a couple figure studies ive done recently. Definately more oriented towards mass, with intricate lines placed where I saw fit. About 20 minutes per drawing, maybe an extra ten to clean up. Enjoy!